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About Us

The myIGCSE Learning Centre

At myIGCSE, we continually strive to be the centre of excellence for independent learning, and to provide our students with the best education.

Our teachers do not merely deliver core curriculum topics. We strongly believe that it is important to hand back responsibility and accountability to our kids because, student engagement in content and process, and inquiry-driven learning are the cornerstones of education.

We want our students to look forward to each day in class and in school. Our classroom activities are structured to lead our students towards an awareness that they are in full control of their own learning process. This prepares them to be independent in seeking out learning, and be confident about continuing their progress after they have completed formal education.

Our Team
Our dedication to teaching and our commitment to both our students and parents stem not only from a combination of core values and beliefs, but also from a deep-seated teaching tradition. Our teaching team's graduate as well as post-graduate qualifications, teaching and industry experience in Education, Banking, Law, Languages, the Performing Arts and Management provide a rich and solid foundation for our students to build on. The combination of knowledge and experience of our teaching team brings an ideal balance of academic, practical and real-world influence into myIGCSE programmes, placing your child at a distinct advantage.