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Creative Malaysia, August 2016

9 November 2016

After a successful pilot programme with Malaysia’s Learning Adventure Resource Network in 2015, I was delighted to be asked back to Petaling Jaya in the summer of 2016 to represent as creatives again. This second programme was to see five days of creative learning workshops, exploring maths, literacy, science and history, with a group of children and young people from seven to fifteen years of age…

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Dissection as a teaching tool?

21 July 2016

Thursday, 28 January 2016, proved quite eventful for our Seniors as our Science teacher, Dr Kuhen had promised to step outside of the realm of textbook models and diagrams in favour of the experience of dissecting real animal material. Of course the issue may have the potential of making some students feel uncomfortable because they may feel they are being forced to cut into a carcass that may have been specifically killed for study. However, as the dissection was of a goat's heart, the issue did not prove to be a very weighty one.

None of our Senior class opted out of handling the goats' hearts that were brought in by the good doctor from his trusty butcher's. Eleven hearts in all, gingerly handled at first, with a few obligatory “eewwws.” However, the novelty of the initial tactile contact soon wore off and all were very quickly ready for the CSI task in front of them.

A quick reminder on safety and hygiene issues dispensed with, latex gloves snapped on, masks secured and knives at the ready (and for some, plastic ponchos and aprons in case of blood and tissue splatter), most of the class soon dug into the hearts with the seasoned efficiency of stockyard interns. Credit goes to Dr Kuhen who gave out clear instructions and lent a hand whenever the going got tough, as it did for some of the students who balked at cutting into animal tissue. Others worked with such deft gusto that observers soon found themselves going round to the rapt scientists, mopping brows and adjusting wayward masks.

It was no walk in the park though as Dr Kuhen expected the class to demonstrate clear understanding and knowledge of the heart's anatomy by throwing out questions after each task had been handled. The dissection was hands-on observational approach that clearly fascinated students open to educational practical experiences.

Of course, as novel and interesting as the experience proved as opposed to the usual chalk talk, there was the inevitable end to any teacher's lesson...the worksheet.

S.P.C.A Pet Care Programme

1 March 2016

As part of the extra-curricular activities in myIGCSE Learning Centre, our staff member, Dr.Kuhen T. has arranged in conjunction, with the S.P.C.A Selangor to organise a half-day Pet Care Programme on the 24th of April 2016 (Sunday) at 9.45am.

The S.P.C.A Pet Care Programme has been an established course since 2014. It is specially designed to teach prospective/current pet owners the essential knowledge and skills required to safely and responsibly handle pets. Even if you do not plan on owning a pet, the information you attain from this programme is valuable. The aim of this programme is to promote responsible pet ownership, and encourage volunteers to be active agents of change in their communities.

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Buddhism and the Bard: My Malaysian education adventure

by Jackson Kavanagh

24 August 2015

Although I’m quite handy when it comes to pub quizzes, geography has always been a bit of a blind spot. So when the initial email came in from the Learning Adventure Resources Network, I wasn’t exactly sure...

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April Programme with as creatives

24 July 2015

It's the summer holidays again! Although here in Kuala Lumpur, it's summer all year round, with a sprinkling of hazy conditions and stormy skies.

It seems just like yesterday that we had Jackson Kavanagh, Programmes Director of Liverpool-based multi-arts provider, as creatives, over to Kuala Lumpur to run a workshop in maths, science and literacy. Of course the planning took some time but in the end it all came together as the pictures and Jackson's blogs will attest -“An eight hour day of maths might not sound appealing to everyone, but these young people devoured it all...”.

The younger set of children who signed up for a half-day session pleaded to be allowed to stay the full eight hour days for more maths, science and good old William Shakespeare. In the end, we caved in and (with scant regard for our Liverpudlian facilitator's feelings) saddled Jackson with sets of kids aged 6-16, all working busily and cheerfully, to take on inexplicable roles over a spell of three days.

Taking on the mantle of virtuoso detectives, employing masterly maths skills to solve the murder of the hapless Michaela, with ice-breakers and games interspersed in a fast paced eight-hour conundrum breaker; intrepid space voyagers, traversing the galaxy in the hopes of imparting to mankind (read:audience) three new things about their target planet; adroit architects, employing paper and naught else to build a structure that would withstand a behemoth strength; the curiously wretched yet ruthless Lady Macbeth; the participants showed observers a thing or two on how to meet challenges head on with creative aplomb.

The unflappable Jackson gamely took on the mix of youngsters and pubescents with our teachers occasionally lending a hand or two. There was very little misbehaviour as Jackson had the participants engaged and engrossed and that was no mean feat as we went on and on for a whole day. The little tea breaks in between were brilliant and delicious but always culminated in everyone dashing back in for more as creatives challenges.

The three- day April programme that we ran with as creatives took place at the One-World Hotel in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

as creatives is a multi-arts provider based in Liverpool, England and we will be working with them and Jackson Kavanagh again so watch this space for more news so you don't miss out on our future programmes!