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Welcome to myIGCSE!

Take the first step into a learning adventure and understand how rewarding a passion for life-long learning can be. As world communities continue to take great leaps forward, knowledge and know-how change. As borders become geographical technicalities, our kids will be citizens of global communities.

We provide IGCSE courses and more...
myIGCSE offers quality courses all year round, full day tutorial for IGCSE, social/extra curricular activities, as well as bridging and summer holiday programmes.

At myIGCSE, we encourage kids to take active part in the learning process, encouraging student engagement in content and process, and inquiry-driven learning.

Our teachers do not merely deliver core curriculum topics. Our classroom activities are structured to lead our students towards an awareness that they are in full control of their own learning process. We train them to be not passive students but student presenters who are able to integrate knowledge, apply it to real-life situations and present it to an audience.

Bridging Programmes

Our bridging programmes are two(2) hours per week for one subject. Fun and ideal for students who want to go that extra mile in learning!

Learning in English

All of our courses will be taught in English and meet the IGCSE standards. As the teaching of writing is a statutory requirement in the UK, our activities are structured to support and encourage compositional writing skills. Our materials have been carefully chosen to reflect the symbiosis between writing and reading. Our students are taught to write independently from the outset.